Who I work with

  • I work with individuals 13 and older, adult couples, and families.

  • With all clients but especially adolescent clients, it is important that they themselves are seeking change and will agree to be active participants in therapy.

My approach

  • A strength-based integration of different therapeutic methods based on individual client needs

  • Goal focused, but also mindful about how the past creates and maintains the present

  • Respectful, accepting, and welcoming of all ages, gender identities and presentations, sexual orientations, races, and belief systems

  • LGBTQIA+, polyamory-, and kink affirming

  • Feminist    


  • Depression, anxiety, and bipolar

  • Trauma and grief

  • Family / relationship and communications issues

  • Parenting challenges

  • Life transitions in regards to work, relationships, and aging

  • Work-related stress

  • Issues regarding sexuality and gender

Specific areas of expertise

Corporate and in particular high tech workers. I spent 18 years at Microsoft. I'm familiar with the stress of product development and release, as well as the inevitable interpersonal communications challenges. As a husband and a father, I also experienced stressors that working hard can cause in relationships with loved ones. My past experience makes me uniquely able to serve tech employees with deep understanding and compassion.

Multicultural awareness and affirmation. My training includes continued focus on multicultural issues. I treat clients with awareness, acceptance, and respect. I consider myself a staunch feminist and identify as a 50-something cisgender gay male. I acknowledge the existence of heterosexism, misogyny, racism, religious oppression, ageism, and gender-related oppression, and we can address them together as part of our work.

Nerds. See the COUNSELING4NERDS link above.